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Bitcoin / Altcoin mining by Mike | Creative Mints
Snug — Mobile App — Real Project by Filip Justić for Balkan Brothers
Inbox — Web App by Michal Parulski for Netguru
Detailed StyleTiles by Nick Franchi
Visarch Architecture Page by Decom
Cork by Gal Shir
Martin Luther King Jr. Day by Jack Daly for InVision
Honda Urban EV by Nikolay Ivanov
Famous landmark stamp illustration design by TenneyTang for Radio Design
Rockband by Mumba
Cyberpunk girl — infographic element by Csaba Gyulai
Cool Kid #2 by Martin Kundby for ccccccc
Skyscraper by Folio Illustration Agency
Artloop Festival 2016 by Uniforma Studio and Michał Mierzwa


FORCAM Key Visuals by Aleksandr Kuskov


Discarded Objects transformed in Art by Maurizio Sergiusti — ScoobaFish


Emotive Pixels by Prateek Vatash


Floe mints branding and packaging by Shaivalini Kumar

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